Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Ordering and reservation, payment of the lease fee

Orders shall become final after the payment of the lease fee.

Any arrangements via e-mail, phone or in person shall be considered pre-ordering until the payment of the lease fee. If the lease fee is not paid within 48 hours of the time of pre-ordering, the pre-ordering will be cancelled.

Deposit will be requested in each case, at commencement of leasing. The motorcycle will not be made available until the lease fee and the deposit is not paid, in which case the terms and conditions of termination shall take effect. Only one eligibility for discount may be used up at the time of the conclusion of the lease agreement. Discounts may not be used up in conjunction.

The lease fee can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. The payment of the deposit can be made in cash, by bank transfer or by bank guarantee. The deposit will be reimbursed to Lessee in full if the motorcycle is returned in a damage-free condition.

Contracting parties

Lessor: ZO-MOTO Kft. (VAT: 24211675-2-42).

Lessee may be a natural person or a legal person, but only the natural person designated in the lease agreement as the rider is allowed to ride the leased motorcycle. This person shall be over the age of 25 and in the possession of a category “A” driver’s licence for at least 4 years.


  • ID card / passport
  • driver licence

Lease fee, duration of lease

The lease fee is indicated on the current price list of Lessor or is based on the agreement between Lessee and Lessor. The lease fee shall include unlimited mileage, compulsory automobile liability insurance, complete CASCO insurance and the cleaning cost of the motorcycle.

In each case, the lease agreement shall be made for a definite period, with a base unit being 1 day, that is, 24 hours.

The lease fee or any other fees may not be reimbursed if the motorcycle is returned prior to the expiry of the duration of lease. Any extension of the duration of lease is only possible after prior arrangement has been made and the lease fee has been paid.

Lease fee included

  • unlimited mileage
  • third party liability insurance
  • complete CASCO insurance
  • tankbag and topcase


In case of the cancellation of the reservation by Lessee, the lease fee paid by Lessee will be reimbursed less the daily registration fee (HUF 5,000/day in lease).

Liability of Lessee

Lessee assumes liability for any legal, financial or other detriment or damage, including the unsafe use of the leased motorcycle in traffic under the duration of lease.

Lessor transfers to Lessee all damages and incidental costs caused by Lessee (e.g. costs of expert opinion, transport, daily fees). Lessor insists on its claim/claims for compensation.

Lessee shall pay any penalties and other fees (parking ticket, speeding penalty, etc.) charged under the duration of lease in relation to the leased motorcycle. If any penalty is paid by Lessee with the mediation of Lessor after the lease has ended, Lessee shall also pay the relevant administration fee.

Lessee shall use the leased motorcycle and its accessories with the greatest care expectable and ensure the guarding of the leased motorcycle and its documents.

Lessee assumes full liability for damages, if the leased motorcycle was ridden under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics, or if the motorcycle was not ridden by the person designated in the agreement.